Under the Music Hall Project

Recently I was asked to supply the film directors for a upcoming short film called Under the Music Hall.

The project required an eerie ambient piece which created suspense and gave a lot of space to the visual elements.

Below is a link to the first promotional trailer for the film:

Westmoor Rams basketball team entrance and warm-up music project

I recently completed work for the Westmoor Rams American college basketball team, creating a team entrance backing track that will be used when the team enter the arena and warm up before their basketball matches.

The brief I was given was to create a pumped up Hip-hop style piece, using epic string parts, creating a hook that kept people moving and an enhanced energy around the arena.

I was given the following two examples as guidance and aimed to create a track in a similar style:

photo (4)

Bradford Trident project

I have recently worked on the following video for the Bradford Trident better start project.

The video will be shown to aid a Lottery funding bid by Bradford Trident.

‘Bradford Trident is leading Bradford’s Better Start Partnership who have been asked to submit a final proposal to the Lottery for a 10 year programme to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and children up to 3 years of age in the Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton Wards.  If successful, the partnership will be awarded between £30 million and £50 million to improve services over the life of the project.

Working with expectant parents to provide appropriate family support, we will help them to make the most of available services, especially those providing early years and parental assistance.  New programmes to enhance parenting skills, improve early learning, communication and language skills and improve nutrition in the home will run alongside current programmes and activities.’


Brown Sugar Vintage Promo Video – Filmed by Molineaux Productions

I recently composed and produced the accompanying music to Molineaux Productions promo video that was created for the Brown Sugar Vintage clothes shop based in Saltaire Bradford.

You can check out the work of Molineaux Productions here:



and the Brown Sugar Vintage Shop here: