So I have been involved in musical activity nearly my entire life, roughly 24 years now, this has involved countless performances, gigs, session musician roles, recording projects, tours, collaborations, teaching, composing and studying.

I am a degree educated, multi-instrumentalist, with a background in musical theory and classical performance, but have focused on contemporary instrument and electronic focused music and music production for several years now.

My belief in the contribution music plays in media products has motivated me to progress in my career as a Composer and Producer for Film, Television and Video Games, and led to a series of roles in projects working with film makers to support them in realising their audio needs as a reality (examples of these projects can be seen/heard on the projects page).

I pride myself on a creating content that provides an environment in which the audience can enjoy the content of the visual or interactive stimulus with supportive and enchanting audio, and a working style which puts the client first, operating through a flexible relationship and always adapting to the clients needs.

One of my goals is to push the boundaries of music and production and see that music progresses and develops within media products to inspire and change the direction of commercial music.

Alongside my professional music work I also work as a Lecturer in Higher and Further Education institutions to deliver music production education to a wide range of post-16 students. To support my students beyond my physical presence in class I created my own format of Virtual Learning Environment through the use of a blog, which has also acted as a foundation for my own continued professional development to ensure that my knowledge and skills are kept up to date, and providing students that I teach with the opportunity to revisit my lessons. This can be accessed here http://musicedfx.wordpress.com.

I am a competent musician on Guitar and Vocals, can play Drums to Grade 7 standard and have completed formal Grade 6 Certificate on Trumpet, but have been playing to Grade 8 standard for many years. I also hold a Grade 5 Theory certificate.

In all of these instrumental disciplines I have performance experience in a diverse range of scenarios, from Big Bands, Wind Bands and Orchestras, to Rock, Blues, Acoustic and Indie Gigs, equipping me to be able to provide students with an authentic industry based viewpoint in addition to my qualifications.

When I have spare time from my professional work I run a small record label for electronic ambient musicians, aiming to deliver a collection of different artists music in one place. Http://breakingthebrokenrecords.com

Additional info/Achievements:

Classically trained Trumpet player
Toured Germany in 2002 with Charnwood Concert band.
Drum player with various bands, most notably with Maybeshewill of Leicester.
Self taught guitarist and vocalist touring original material between 2005-2009.