Sound Design

This piece was made using noise synths in Logic Pro X and applying effects such as reverb, filters, and distortion.

This piece was made by dragging a pen lid over the casing of a house hold fan and adding effects, pitch shifting and automating.

This piece was made using the ESP Synth in Logic by altering different parameters and then applying effects.

This piece was not created as conventional sound design for another form of media but as an experiment to see what tones I could get from house hold objects (the percussion) and see how they could replace the standard instrument, in this case drums. The results were pleasing however they did draw focus from the compositional aspect, which is something I will reflect on the next time I approach a project like this.

A Small experiment with feedback to try and create some mechanical/robotic/machinery style sounds. I played around with the different amp settings whilst also moving the guitar to try and get some movement. I feel this could respond well to an effects chain of phasers and delays to try and add some movement.

This sample was recorded a while a go now, and as far as I can remember this was created from a human whistle, raising in pitch (by the performer) and then there were some effects added to create feedback and to give a fuller sound. The whistling technique was fairly unique as I had discovered that if i whistle whilst simultaneously rolling my tongue at the back of my mouth it gave a smooth sound whilst also vibrating the air which gave a feeling of movement which i felt was suitable for a spaceship take off/ or a passing airship.

This piece was made by changing the speed of a house hold fan and adding effects.


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