Ableton 32bit & 64bit Icons

Ableton offers 32bit & 64bit versions of the program, and when both are installed it is initially not very easy to see which one is which in your dock.

I found a tutorial which corrected this, but the technique did not always work, so I have adapted this approach and made the tutorial linked here.


Moving to Ableton from another DAW

I have found that since I started using Ableton, I no longer go back to previous DA

I have found that since I started using Ableton, I no longer go back to previous DAW’s.

I originally thought of Ableton as only a DJ tool, and it did not interest me in the early days.

Once I realised the potential of Ableton’s session view as a tool for music playback and performance, I was immediately sold on Ableton and have never looked back.

I made this tutorial below to help people transfer their projects (stems) from other DAW’s to Ableton for performance purposes.

Youtube Tutorials and Free E-Book

New E-book and Ableton tutorial channel

Hi guys, I have made a free E-book which contains a mixed of basic and more advanced Ableton tips and tricks.

It is free, but if you would like to make a donation please send it to breakingthebrokenrecords@gmail.comhere:

Click the link below to download the pdf.

I hope you find it useful.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.23.02

Ableton E-Book by David Voss

I have also started a Youtube channel which links to this book where I am showing examples in more detail where you can see the processes in action.

The channel can be found here:

I hope you enjoy this, I would appreciate your feedback good or critical.


Stock Music is Killing Composers

This is a very interesting blog post and worth a read:

Jon has taken the words out of my mouth.

As you will know from my site I am also a freelance composer and sound designer and I have been in Jons position too.

When reaching out and networking with other creative people and companies I regularly face the same response ‘sorry we use stock music’, it’s frustrating, demotivating and really sad to hear.

Music is definitely not valued anymore, not just by film makers but also by customers of commercial music.

When Apple Music came out I had an Armageddon moment ‘Wo, music is over’.

Yes it’s cheaper to make than it ever has been due to improvements in technology but you still have to invest hundreds in gear, and lots of hours in time to learning your craft.

I have played music for 22 years, within that time I have learnt to play instruments to a relatively high standard, studied the industry, recording techniques, sound creation, mixing, mastering, sat in 3 years of lecturers, read books, websites, watched videos, collaborated, experimented and taught music.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some great clients who come back regularly to me and I love working for them, but to gain new clients involves submitting proposals to freelance sites, potentially spending several hours producing a sample which may or may not get selected for a peanuts paying project.

I give endless/instant communication with my clients, any and as many file formats as they require, as many instruments and layers as the require and I am happy to revisit a project should requirements change or an alternate version be needed, and I do this because I believe in good service and doing the best I can for my client.  

It is just a shame that something that requires so much skill,so much devotion is stolen through piracy sites and not appreciated by many other creatives as an important part of their product. 

I work to a working rate of around £25ph, but when some these adverts online want you to spend endless hours on a project they want to pay $35 then it makes my living wage less than if I worked in a fast food chain!

This needs to stop and people need to value music again! 

Ciaran O’Reilly – Clean hands and Guilt – Mixed and Mastered by Dave Voss

Recently I have been lucky enough to work with the brilliant Ciaran O’Reilly on the single for his new EP, Clean Hands & Guilt, (Coming Soon).

Ciaran is an Acoustic, Americana Folk singer from London, UK, he has a great vocal, which is powerful and well supported with his guitar playing, he manages to bring a contemporary edge to his brand of vintage folk whilst also demonstrating influences of Punk and Rock.

I previously posted a demo version where I had received all instruments bounced into one .wav file.

This version was given to me as individual Stems and was much easier to mix and master.

If you require a similar service please get in touch via the contact methods listed in the contact us section of my site.

Audio Restoration, Mixing and Mastering.

I was given this track to mix, and asked to try and enhance the vocal.

The track was a mixdown of both parts, so naturally effecting one would effect the other and I had to use very careful techniques to try and bring the vocal out more.

This upload contains clips of the original version followed by the finished version.

I hope you enjoy this, and please get in touch via:

If you require, recording, mixing or mastering services.