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New remix – Mixed and Mastered

I have recently had a gap in projects and been able to work on a new full length album of my own material, (somewhere close to Jon Hopkins meets Tycho.).

Previews of taster videos can be seen/heard here:

Alongside this I have also been fortunate enough to complete a remix for the brilliant Sinerider (Sun Sea Sky Productions), which you can stream for free here:

Sinerider’s latest release Seconds Minutes is a beautiful blend of warm sharp bass and soft smooth melodic elements combining to produce a really nice collection of electronic ambient music. As you can hear from the above links, I could see how this would translate and blend with the style of my downtempo electronic ambient work, although this remix ended up having a soft glitch focused feel.

The track has already racked up quite a few streams in only a few days since upload and the feedback has been incredibly kind and positive.

Please check out the track, and let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for my new release here:

I mixed and Mastered this remix, and if you are interested in having a remix or original track mixed or mastered please get in touch:




Latest project- ‘Real instruments’?

Aren’t simple bass lines the best?!.
 So I’ve been a bit lost with music for sometime, rarely anything I hear excites me and my general belief is that I’m surprised so many people still care for instruments which now no longer see contemporary.

However on this latest project I decided to go ‘organic’ if you like and back to a method of writing that I find prehistoric, the traditional band setup.

I am talking instrumentation mostly.

I started recording a new project for a video for an education authority and wanted something uplifting and anthemic yet reserved enough to suit the project.

After a brief jam on the piano I picked up the acoustic, then electric, then bass and quickly came up with the starting hook to the piece. I am now appreciation how quickly hardware allows you to get ideas down, and how much smoother this makes the music composition process.

I have always managed to come up with strong melodies quickly and this approach has really helped, it has also sounded much more like the finished product will much sooner without a lot of tweaking.

This similar approach is adopted by Graham Cochrane (Recording Revolution) in his series of simple recording projects where he works to a small budget, or cutting back on the amount of tools used to let the instruments speak on the project. Still using Logic X and loving it, also a big fan of waves V-Comp and other Waves plugins.

Overall so far pleased with this really could be my best work yet, this video is a lot longer than most I’ve done, standing at 12 minutes so there’s a long way to go yet.